July 9, 2010


guess what i'm doing this weekend?? FINALLY doing some leftover home projects that never got done!!

vaughn and i are going to lubbock tomorrow to get some good stuff like some under-the-cabinet lighting for the kitchen, some curtains for our kitchen that kanyon has been begging me to get for a while now.., and what i'm most excited about is.. landscaping stuff!!

i want my backyard to look like this eventually:

uh.. i think i've got a long way to go. but tomorrow is the beginning! if you remember from my home tour post.. our backyard is practically blank. we are working on grass and its come along pretty well. but other than that. its empty. hopefully i'll have some follow up picture of the start by monday.

but until then i have to direct your attention to something. as most of you know, i follow the Pioneer Woman blog. this was her post today: Tasty. I want to make all of them!!


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