July 16, 2010


well, i am on the lookout for some new good books. i just found out a couple days ago that the lamesa library is actually pretty current with their books! i'm excited to explore that one! i could sit in libraries for hours as a kid and that hasn't changed.

one of my friends, pam kearney, brought me this book on wednesday:

its a true story about a model-turned-secret agent! i'm pretty excited about getting to get more into it after mission lamesa is over this weekend (which won't actually be over till probably tuesday.. post on that coming later). i'm about 50 pages in and i think i'm really going to like it.

(author is Aline, Countess of Romanones, if you were wondering)

but other than that.. i got nothing besides my mom suggesting a book called Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter.. strange but i think i'm gonna try it.

spreaking of mom -- she is in jamaica right now with new beginnings youth group for a mission trip so prayers would be appreciated! that woman will never stop serving. she's amazing.

anyway, what i'm really getting at is.. does anyone have any book recommendations? they don't have to be new or bestseller. i love the newest stuff and i also love the old stuff like pride and prejudice (my favorite). let me know!!


  1. I am reading "The Art of Racing in the Rain" by Garth Stein - I like it a lot so far...

    My grandpa was reading a book the other day that looked good it is called "Spirituality for the Rest of Us" by Larry Osborne. It looked good and he made it sound good but i dont know from experience.

  2. Hey girl!
    I'm into ready materials in prep for our Kazakhstan trip which has included some really good marriage material. Not your novel stuff... but good :) I've liked "When Sinners Say I Do" the best so far.

    Love ya!