July 21, 2010

our other first baby

around 6, last night we got a call from our friend troy who we have been planning on buying an australian shepherd puppy from for a few weeks now. he told kanyon, "come get your puppy on the way home from community tonight!"

uh.. really!?

we had "walk to emmaus" community meeting last night where we worship and have dinner together. needless to say, kanyon and i were a little anxious to go home! finally around 9:15, troy & sue and kanyon & i finally left to head to their house and take home the puppy.

everyone.. meet Zeb!

"lady, who are you and why are you calling me baby?"

kanyon had to get up super early this morning to spray - about 4:30. but at about 12:30, he couldn't sleep anyway so he got Zeb, who was crying, and let him watch tv and sleep with him in his chair. (enjoy it while it lasts, zeb..) then i was up at 5 with him crying. you can tell he keeps lookin for his siblings and his mom but i'm happy that he's already attached himself tightly to kanyon and i. we are so excited!



  1. ah he's so cute!! i can't wait to see him in person! How did ya'll come up with "zeb"?

  2. Kanyon had a whole list of names like that and we narrowed it down to Shep and Zeb.. He just looked like a Zeb for some reason.

  3. awwwww - he is a perfect zeb. Zeb and Cooper would be great friends.

  4. I agree, he does look like a Zeb. He is so, so cute and he will be so happy to be your doggie. I think dogs were one of God's best inventions!