July 7, 2010

our honeymoon

i know what you're thinking.. didn't you go on your honeymoon over 5 months ago? well yes, but i'm gonna reminisce.. and recommend our awesome resort!

we ended up at this place without even planning on it.. kanyon's parents have a timeshare and they offered to let us use it (thank you!) so we started looking at places the program offers. there weren't many all-inclusive offers since the timeshare people don't really get much money from those types of resorts but we really wanted to have that. so kanyon called the company one day to ask something and the guy on the other end told him that he needed to consider this new resort in the dominican. we kind of had picky preferences ... so we weren't really expecting to find something from a random tip but it seemed that this place met our standards from what that guy was telling kanyon. the guy told kb, though, that there was only one room left and they were going fast. so without even knowing what the place looked like (!!), kanyon booked our honeymoon! ha, you can imagine my surprise (annoyance) when he told me. he was out in the field and couldn't get to the internet so asked me to look it up. and it was waaaaay better than anything i had found.

its the moon palace in punta cana, domican republic...

the resort has an awesome website that i'll give you but some of our pictures:

the view from our room:

about 1/100th of the hotel lobby

we went on two excursions: a cruise down the coast with snorkeling and a tour of dominican life.

the cruise was so nice.. i wish we were back there right now.

on our tour, we went to a primary school, met a few baby parrotts..

learned how to make coffee (this is a coffee bean!)

and how to make chocolate and cigars! this is the fruit cocoa comes from. chocolate is a FRUIT.
coffee, chocolate, and cigars. what more do you need?

its a beautiful country.

and we even made greek friends! who we will be sure to visit some day.

not to mention the 15 pools and 16 restaurants!

(he was happy, i promise)

i would highly recommend this resort!
the rooms were awesome, too. the "cheapest" room was gorgeous, with a jacuzzi and a private deck.


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  1. I'm so happy you have a blog! I've been looking at it this whole time but am just now leaving a comment. :) It makes me so happy that y'all had such a great honeymoon. That place looks gorgeous! - We may be coming to Welch the first week of August. Hope to see you then! Miss you guys...