July 18, 2010

mission lamesa.. almost done

we didn't finish the house by friday night as planned.. (see first mission lamesa post) but we got really far. we are hoping to finish it by tuesday so amanda and her kids can finally move in!

where we are now:

walls are insulated and sheetrock is all up! on saturday, a man volunteered to use a fancy sprayer thing to texture and paint the wall so hopefully when we come back tomorrow morning, all that will be finished. then we will finish painting the outside, hang the cabinets and put the appliances in. then this week, another volunteer is installing the carpet. then we're done!!

we painted the outside white with blue trim. it looks so much better!

friday night, we had a pool party to celebrate getting (most of) the work done! we were all pooped and needed a night to relax. this is andi and harris' (children's minister and youth minister) baby Silas. such a chunk of happiness. he thinks everything is hilarious.

my kind of man.

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