July 29, 2010


I'll be happy when Zeb learns that carpet does not equal grass that is acceptable to go potty on.

Zebular (not his real name, just my nick name) turns 7 weeks old tomorrow!

Yesterday, Zeb went outside to go potty. He went #2. And then we walked around the yard for a good five minutes. He decides he's tired and ... unknowingly ... sits in the exact same spot ... that he just pooped. Seriously. Its a huuuuge backyard. There's no where else to sit? I really don't think he even knew what he just sat in. I had to laugh.

Kanyon takes him out to "work" with him everyday. He really just slows Kanyon down cause he gets lost in the cotton thats three times taller than him but maybe he will be useful one day. Anyway, Kanyon was working on his circle system and took off a sprinkler system and put it on the ground. Kanyon said he barked and pounced on that sprinkler like it was a threat. And not just for a minute. For a good ten minutes.

Puppy breath smells like coffee. I don't care what you think it smells like. Its like we feed them coffee beans. And I like it.

Also, Zeb is 75%  fluff right now. I gave him a bath for the first time last week and he shrunk to a fourth of his size.

Yes, I know this is a random post.

I bought him his first rawhide bone yesterday and gave it to him. This video is right after I gave it to him. He was so excited! I know that probably 98% of you are going to think this video is boring but at least my mom will like it!

I've always thought that home videos with the person talking sounded kinda awkward.. but after watching this, I've decided videos with no one talking is even awkward..er. Note taken. Do me a favor and watch some music or something while you watch it.

Lauren Baker is coming to Welch tonight and we are leaving for Colorado in the morning!! We are going to go visit my brother who is working at Dry Bones this summer. I'm so proud of him.. even though being a mountain guide has encouraged his grungy habits..

Have a great weekend!



  1. You're right....a video your mother would love:)
    He is pretty cute and fluffy...and puppy breath is the best! Tell Kanyon to put a bell on him while he is in the cotton. I think it is so fun that he is going to 'work' with him. What a great dog's life....

  2. charlie and I watched this video several times he is a very cute puppy!