July 18, 2010


landon had his all-star football game on friday night! he is a great football player and i even had little kids (and a hs student) workin at mission lamesa saying "you're landon brown's sister in law? he's such a good football player!"

this game was kind of a marker for us as the last high school event for landon. unfortunately, the night didn't end as well as we all hoped but that definitely doesn't take away from how good of a player he is. its a big deal to even be picked to play on this team and he's won so many awards in the last four years (not just sports, but ag and educational) that the lamesa newspaper took about four paragraphs just to list them all.

(he's number 9 with the red and blue socks)

even though i've only known landon for four years now and have only been his sister for five months, i'm so proud to be related to him. he's an awesome kid and has such an amazing heart. he is very mature for his age while still being so much fun to be around. i love him a lot. him and cole (my brother) have been good friends for years now and i don't even want to know the crazy things they've done together. those two are my favorite two brothers in the entire world.

landon is going off to school in about a month to texas tech to study in the ag department. he plans on farming cotton like his brother, dad, and grandfathers before him and i can only hope landon and kanyon's dream of living within 200 yards of each other comes true someday :)

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  1. and I am so proud to be related to these two handsome men, at least by marriage:)