July 28, 2010

My job at First Baptist

I said a while ago that I would do a post on what I do at first baptist, so here it is!

First Baptist Church in Lamesa had an ad in the paper in early April for a "Ministry Assistant." I was working in Brownfield at the time (40 minutes from Lamesa) so I couldn't go get an application. So Kanyon got one for me. He ended up staying there for about half an hour talking to the pastor about me, ha!

About a week later, I came back with my completed application and sat down with Chris, the pastor. The job sounded too good to be true. All of the job descriptors were things that I like to do or things that I'd like to learn to do! It was a variety of responsibilities, which appealed to me since I'd get bored doing the same things everyday. Not to mention the job included benefits - something Kanyon and I really needed for me to have with him being self employed and insurance premiums being out the wazoo.. I left the interview seriously wanting that job.

The next week, I got a call from Chris that I could have the job if I wanted it!! I was thrilled. I started that next week and settled into my new (huge for me) office:

My desk

Harris, the youth minister, brought me down this bright red couch 
from the youth room! Doesn't match but its funky :)

The door on the left leads to the lobby where our secretary is and the hallway to the rest of the offices.
Obviously, I haven't done much with this side of the office.. I don't even know how to open that safe lol. But I did get decorations on the wall at least! My books would fill up about two of those rows of shelves..

So what do I do? Well, since my job title is new to this church, the members sometimes call me other titles of former employees whose jobs they fused together to make mine: Administrator or Financial Secretary. But I'm not the administrator because our pastor, Chris holds that position pretty much, and I'm not the Financial Secretary primarily because we now have an accountant and I do more than just financial.

Financially, I handle our Purchase Order system. All purchases go through the Financial Committee and/or me. I sign all of our checks, along with a FC person, and keep records of all of our purchases. I am the go-between for the church and our accountant. Sounds quick and easy but its more extensive than that. I never thought I would like working with money but my need to be organized is satisfied through this!

Administratively, I am the contact for all of our many accounts such as our utility providers, our service providers, etc. I keep all the records of any relationship we have with another company. My job is to make sure we are being responsible with our money and getting the best rates, etc.

I also am the editor of our 8 page monthly newsletter. I have really liked doing this! I get to be creative and make it look pretty. A few pages, I get to design completely myself.

I am the editor for our website, also. Harris, our youth minister, thankfully had it all set up for me before I started working so I didn't have to build it, lol. It is a pretty fancy website so I was impressed. But I keep it updated with events and load documents or videos and stuff up so people will have access to them. I've learned a lot and have been able to put up some more info and pages on it since I've been working here. The website is www.firstlamesa.org if you'd like to look. (If you look at it today, it won't be updated, cause I've been out with Mission Lamesa, but it will be back up this afternoon!)

Those are my four main responsibilites and they keep me busy. But the variety comes from all the events and projects that we always have going on at our church. For instance, a couple weeks ago we did a missional event called Mission Lamesa. Joyce, a member, and our pastor wanted to put out a 40 day devotional leading up to it so Joyce collected devotionals from people. I designed and created a booklet for it and inserted all the devotionals. That was a big project and lasted all week but I got to do something different!

I work with Chris (pastor), Harris (youth minister), Andi (children's minister and Harris' wife!), Wayne (education minister), and Lanette (our secretary). I really do love our staff. We have a lot of fun together.

Hope that answered some questions! I am trying to get out the newsletter this week and update the website so gotta go!


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